Just Creeping...

Took a terminology quiz this morning, and it was pretty easy, and I got 19/20 right, so I’m pleased with that.  And we talked about reptiles, which was fun.

Got the study guide-thing for the anatomy test next week.  I’ll need to study that a lot.  The lab quiz tomorrow should be easy, I know the directional terms pretty well.

I took the first test for my computer class.  Twice I got a thing wrong enough times that it took me through the practice mode and walked me through everything.  …And both times, I’d been doing it right, the program just for some reason didn’t recognize that.  But anyway, that’s done.  …And apparently there’s another one I have to take on the same unit?  That’s lame.  Or maybe it’s cumulative.  Either way, dumb.  Not a thing for tonight.  It’s not due until September 12, anyway.

So I haven’t left the house since this morning when I took Peri out, but I’ve been doing useful things.

I studied for my terminology test tomorrow.  I read another chapter of the computer book (I’ll listen to the SAME THING later).  I applied for some random scholarships.

Peri came to jump up on my lap, but he missed and had to climb up instead.  Silly thing.  <3

I’ll eat something pretty soon here…

Whew, we took about an hour to clean out the kennels, then I drove home, picked up Peri, came home, and showered.  And tomorrow I don’t have to go down to campus at ALL, and I’m going to sleep in and snuggle in bed (with myself of course), and it will be glorious.  I can’t wait.

…Also, what is the point of offering an online class about computers in which the installation of the software is actually much more difficult than the course content?

And, why would they center all of this around Windows 8?  Who even uses Windows 8?

Nobody, that’s who.

All right, I knocked out rabies, Lyme disease, and the first terminology quiz.  Working on chapter 2 of the computer class now.  Oh please, teach me how to create a new folder.

Okay, so the computer quizzes were mega easy.  No problem there.  Also, my sandwich was yummy.  Mmm…

I should work on my rabies assignment now, yes.

I went to bed at 9:30 last night, to get up at 4 (and you know I was awake before then).  Drove down here.  The little state highway I have to take for over 20 miles is completely unlit.  So that’s a little scary.

But I paired up with a second year student to take care of the horses (three of them, very nice; we fed and swept and hosed), then I went down to help finish up the dogs (more hosing), and when we got back, the cats and rats were done.  So we sat around and talked for an hour before going to class.  I like my group.  We’ll do well.  Next Monday (Labor Day), I’m coming to do evening things with 2 other people (the other three will take the morning shift).  That’s good, because I agreed to house/dog-sit for my friend that weekend, and she lives an additional 20 minutes north, which would mean waking up at 3:30.  Bleh!  So this will work well.

So now I’m stuck on campus with nothing to do until 5.  I packed two sandwiches, two peaches, a huge broken up chocolate chip cookie, and a frozen water bottle, half of which I’ll consume pretty soon here…  Then I might move to the library to work on my computer class stuff.  I’ve been told that the quizzes are super easy, but I’m still a little nervous about it.  I can attempt up to 3 times, though, so maybe I’ll try once, and if I don’t do well, I can try again tomorrow with the book in front of me.

Also I need to do my rabies assignment.

I NEED to study tomorrow, which means I’ll need to shut myself up in my room for part of the day, because when I’m down in the TV room, I don’t get anything done.

I started getting into my computer class.  So far I have read chapter 1 and listened to the exact same thing.  There’s some kind of quiz I have to take, but I also have to watch a video and… I forget the other thing, but they’re probably identical to the first two things.

Lame.  Who has time for that?  Not me.

And wow, those cacti are getting notes.  How can I use this knowledge to my benefit?  Could I charge for cactus photography?

…Hm.  Probably not.

Speaking of cacti, though, my one little aloe-thing (like the dark green one with white speckles I have a picture of earlier) is already outgrowing its rooster teapot.  I will be on the lookout for something larger.  Wider.  Taller.  With a wider mouth.