Just Creeping...

My parents are going out of town Thursday, and most of next week, and I’m so going to steal food while they’re away.

I finished my computer class work!  The last big chapter was on Powerpoint, which is super easy, then there were two minor chapters with little quizzes.  I don’t think I have a final in that class.  I think I’m done.


I know I wasn’t in a rush, but I’m super excited that I managed to finish it all by the end of September.

Last night I worked on my resume a bit, and I can do that a bit more over the next few days.  I want to turn it in on Friday, even though it isn’t due until next Wednesday, because she wants a paper copy, and I’ll be in jury duty next week.  …Or I could ask my classmate to print it out and hand it in, but I’d rather not if I don’t have to.

Tonight I need to study the digestive system terminology for my quiz tomorrow.  It’s a lot of words.

…And my lab partner quit the program (also possibly the one guy in the class), so it’ll just be me this week in lab, I expect!  We’re learning how to express anal glands and give enemas, though we’re not going to give any enemas ourselves, just watch.  I think I can handle my beagle on my own.

I’m trying to work on my resume for class, and it’s due next week, but I just don’t know how to present my experience appropriately.  I decided on the functional model, rather than chronological, since while I do have a variety of animal experience, my work history has a lot of other things in it and is rather spotty.  I’ve never done it that way before, and I guess the best thing to do would be just to do it and see what the teacher thinks.  Along with instructions and examples, she gave us a list of good action verbs to use.

The fan’s helping a lot, by the way!  Woo!

We had a vet come to talk about nutrition in class.  It was pretty interesting, actually!

On the way home, I stopped at Walmart and got a laptop cooling pad.  Seems to be helping so far.  I’m not going to bring it to school with me, though.  Also I got a thermometer for my reptile cage.

Now I need to work on my resume for class.

Maybe I need a laptop cooling pad.  I will look into this before my computer either explodes or burns the house down.

The bottom of my laptop heats up so much that I am literally afraid it’s going to burn itself up one day soon.

oh man, you got some really cool patterns on that tie dye!

That’s really cool!

Thank you, thank you!

I had a request for a picture of my tie-dyed socks, so these are most of the ones I’ve done…  The red and grayish ones were bleach tie-dyed, and so are the yellow ones I’m wearing.

I also tie-dyed my fitted sheet, and I bought the pillowcase (from a thrift store, so someone else probably tie-dyed it).