Just Creeping...

The glass is clear and shiny, and I can see through it!  Hooray!  There are still some marks, smudges, and brown areas I can’t get off, but it looks 1000000% better than it did.

Now, I should work on some school stuff.  I’m done with all the computer work for this month.  I wonder if I can knock out a bit every day… or at least most days (because starting this Saturday I’m working at the barn every week until November), and finish the whole class by next month.  That would be nice!

…And I can finish my paper on ringworm that I had to stop because the internet cut out a few days ago.

Eh, it’s TMI Tuesday. I guess if you wanted to tag it as that ^^

Oh that’s true, I didn’t think of that!

EVERY day is TMI Tuesday for me!!

We talked about fecal exams and anal glands in lab today.

By the way, probably a little late, but if anyone needs me to tag anything, let me know.  I sometimes make some attempt, but if I knew someone was bothered by things I talk about, I’d make more of an attempt.  …Although if poop really gets to you, you’re probably in the wrong place.

We got out early, so I got cleaning supplies, and have sprayed the reptile cage with vinegar water.  That’s supposed to be good for hard water stains.  I’m leaving it for a bit, then I’ll wipe it down.  Soon it will be habitable.

I just want to lie in bed and eat candy all day.

I have to stay at school all day for the next two days, so I’ll bring my laptop and my lunch (and my dinner tomorrow, when I don’t leave until 6).

I drown my loneliness in animals and things and plans that never come to fruition.

Knocked out a major chunk of computer work.  A practice simulation test, a real simulation test, and then submitted a document for electronic grading (because the teacher facilitating the course is too lazy to look at anything having to do with it).  So that’s good.

And the cage is cleaner, though there is still much to be done.  I feel like the last owner just dumped tons of substrate in and replaced it now and then, but didn’t touch the actual cage.  The guy who sold it to me was a middle-aged man whose son had stopped keeping reptiles, and they wanted the space more than the cage.  Good luck for me!

I also studied bones a bit.

I have lots of tests and quizzes this week.  Bleh.

Currently I’m cleaning the lizard cage again.  100% sure this is the first cleaning it’s ever had.  This is an excellent piece of a equipment that no one ever cared for properly.  Today I’m just using paper towels and water to get off the worst of the debris (I’ll need to use bleach-water another time).  The maid comes on Wednesday, and I’m not comfortable leaving that thing as nasty as it is when a visitor comes into the room!

Next I need to study and do another chunk of computer class work.

you’re so lucky he does fine on a food with grain in it, my family spends an obscene amount on dog food because noodles (and great danes in general) can’t tolerate it. (read: poop everywhere)

I am so lucky to have Peri in every way.  He’s always been 100% healthy, even when he got scratched on the face and caught kennel cough, he got over both quickly.  He’s so well-behaved, and well-trained (even if he refuses to do what I ask sometimes).  He’s incredibly low-maintenance.  He doesn’t need anything special.  He doesn’t require any grooming, other than occasional brushing and bathing and nail trimming.  He’s ridiculously cute.  And he’ll live a long time.

As the vet said on his first visit, “You just stuck in your thumb and pulled out a plum!”

I took Peri out to this dog event I saw on my old work’s Facebook page.  Talked to the owners a bit, tried to get Peri to do an obstacle course (he would only walk up the ramp and across the ledge).  But we saw lots of cool dogs and some nice people.  I picked up loads of treats and a free travel pet first aid kit and a bag full of stuff I haven’t even looked at yet.  I entered some raffles.  Peri got a free chiropractic assessment, which he wasn’t excited about, but the vet said he was in great shape.

…She also said I should be feeding a grain-free diet.  And I’ve done some thinking about that, and looked at a few different foods, but they’re so much more expensive.  And honestly, Peri’s perfectly healthy as he is.  And most of the vets I’ve talked to (not specialists, but good, knowledgeable, down-to-earth professionals) have not recommended that, but said what I feed him is a good food.  If he were to have a health problem in the future that a change in diet like that would fix, I would do it.  But right now, I just don’t see the point.  A waste of money, really.

…Also, there was free food, so I got some chips, a hot dog, coffee, and an iced tea.  Nice!

Got all my reptile equipment (minus the cage itself) clean.  It’s all drying now.  Luckily, this house is MEGA dry.