Just Creeping...

Listen, fashion blog that just followed me, I don’t know why you’re here, but I am the opposite of fashion.

Today I went out and found a pet store not too far away that sells good crested gecko food, only a dollar more expensive than what I saw at the reptile expo.  Didn’t buy any, just made a mental note.  Then I went thrift shopping and got a couple scrub tops.  Then I stopped by World Market just to browse, and got really excited about all their Halloween and Christmas stuff (they have THE BEST post-holiday sales ever) and got some really cheap “dessert sodas.”

I’m trying to eat less, because what I eat ranges from very healthy to… not very healthy, but I do tend to eat quite a bit.  Don’t worry, I’m being safe and healthy about it.  …So I’m aiming for enough for one person, rather than two or three.  (Motivation comes from our animal nutrition lessons)  We’ll see how long I can keep that up!

The crested gecko I was looking at found another home.  Oh well.  The guy said he has some eggs due to hatch soon, so maybe something good will come of that.  Also, the reptile show is coming around again in a couple of weeks!

I had both three-hour programs today, which I enjoyed.  It was kind of chilly, but not too bad.  I rode Sammy both times.  He was good, but not as good as Dude.

Then I cooked hot dogs.  The troop for that program had about 30 people eating (only half of them could ride).  And they were loud and obnoxious and thoughtless and controlling and obviously very well-off and used to doing things their way…  We were all relieved when they finally left!

My friend’s other cat, Midas.

I should have gone to bed.  I should be asleep now.


Maybe in a few minutes.

This little one might be mine soon!  It’s a cutie.

This little one might be mine soon!  It’s a cutie.

My friend’s cat, Bolero.

the picture won’t work :c

Hm, it’s straight from my e-mail, so it works for me, but there’s probably something dumb about it. *kicks it*

…The guy on Craigslist with the crested gecko got back to me, and sent me a cute picture, but I wouldn’t be able to go pick it up until Sunday, and he said it’s first-come, first-serve… so I’m going to e-mail him again on Sunday morning to see if it’s still there, and if so, it will be MINE.


I fed the horses this morning, then went down to help with dogs.  Apparently the teacher was mad that all the first years were at the kennels and barn alone, but we’ve been doing it that way for over a month now, and she didn’t say a thing to us about it, just our group’s second-years.  We’re all pretty confident with all the animals, and we do a good job, so I’m not really concerned.  …Also we sent a dog back to the animal shelter this morning for being human aggressive, but he let me take him out and put him back with no problem early this morning.

After the morning classes, I went in the lab with a couple other people and we went over cat muscles for our lab practicum next week.  I actually know most of them pretty well.  I need to go over the shoulder muscles some more, though.

…Then I wrote a short paper about hookworms, and now I need to do my next terminology homework, which is about the respiratory system.  We just finished this in anatomy, so that should help!