Just Creeping...

Tomorrow’s my long day at work, and then I made myself a shopping list for Friday.  Also I might see a movie then, since I’ll be at the barn all day Saturday.

I tried to set up a doctor’s appointment for my summer physical, but their first appointment is in July.  that will NOT be acceptable.  I guess I’ll have to go to Walgreens again.  Sigh…

I spent the morning thinking of things I can do with my campers.  I want to tie-dye with them (with the good tie-dye), and make pickles and cookies and such.  Mmm…

Time seemed to pass slowly this morning.  The dogs were pretty crazy…  No baths…  I split the yards and went in with the large dogs as soon as my coworker got there at 9.

…Then at 12, the person coming in was told to give my coworker her lunch break, and I was forgotten.  I had to call and plead for someone to come in for me so I could go home and to class.  Ridiculous.

I have class today, but no lab.  Excellent…

Oh look, the 2-headed calf is making its rounds again!

weirdbunnyrabbit started following you

Hi!  What brings you here?  I mainly talk about what I’ve been doing that day, about my plans and hopes and dreams…  Sometimes I tell stories.  Sometimes I post pictures.  I hope you enjoy it!  Feel free to talk to me any time!  I’d love it.

There are still 5/7 spots open in the lab section I want next year.  I’m starting to think I might get into it even if I can’t sign up until mid-May.

Cautious optimism.

…I actually e-mailed a girl on Craigslist (having decided that I’m too old to refer to myself as a girl anymore, I thought to myself that I should call myself a woman, and then switched back with someone who is also my age).  I don’t look at the personals much, but this was from yesterday, saying she was basically giving up on forming a relationship, or a friendship, or even hooking up for a night.  So I sent a quick note.  I mean, who knows?

I did this once before, and met a girl for coffee before work one day, and she seemed nice, but I just didn’t feel like we clicked.

I do enjoy being alone.  But sometimes it would be nice to not be alone.  And with the right person, I wouldn’t want to be.

This morning I bathed a doodle, and learned more about the computer system, and did lots of random things…

Just to clarify, a doodle refers to any poodle mix.  I’m not a fan.

I’m enjoying having the house to myself.  Watching food shows on the travel channel.  …Seems like the travel channel is about 85% food shows.  Not that I’m complaining.  I do like food.

I don't always like every post of yours but I do really enjoy reading about your days, it's always interesting and slightly different, but it just lights up my dash :) Keep being wonderful and I hope something that's surprising and happy happens to you in the next few days - you deserve it x

Well thanks!  I appreciate that.  I hope something good comes into your life too, friend!

Today was hectic.  It was just me and one of the new managers, and she can do things, but she doesn’t know the little things… Also there were a lot of dogs, and a lot going home, and as soon as my coworker came in at 9, I had to start giving baths.

The first was a lab mix who was perfect while I did his nails, until I got to the last couple, and then suddenly he flipped around and bit my arm.  Not hard enough to leave a mark, just enough to tell me he wanted me to stop.  …So naturally, I put a muzzle on him and finished the job.  He was good aside from that.

Then I bathed the Great Dane we had over the weekend.  Luckily she was perfectly cooperative.  She jumped up in the tub (I had to help with her back legs), and stood still while I did her nails, and was good for the bath and blowdryer, though of course I got soaked…

Then I also bathed two poodle mixes, who were pretty good.

After that I went around doing some minor cleaning, getting dogs in for lunch and naps, and fixing up a few little things.

Sometimes my face does weird things without me knowing.  Usually when I’m nervous or unsure.  Probably a lot during interviews.  A friend asked about it once, and all I could say was, “I don’t know, my face does things.”

 Sometimes I think I’m smiling nicely at someone, and they’re giving me a weird look, and I realize I must be doing it, and they must think something’s wrong with me.

It’s just my face.

(also my super-dry eyes make it look like I’m rolling my eyes a lot, and I’ve had to explain that quite a few times, sometimes to suddenly angry bosses or subordinates or just coworkers of mine, who may or may not believe me)

Today my great wish is for a home of my own.  A little one.  Something I can make my own, with a little yard full of plants and lizards.  Peri will love to chase them.

Who wants to move to Florida with me in a few years?  Share my little house, and have adventures, and either travel with me sometimes or stay home and take care of the plethora of animals we will have?  We can switch off doing that.

I’m serious.  That would be fantastic.

I made a big salad, and a little soup, and some hot chocolate…  I watched some Phineas and Ferb, until something else came on and I couldn’t find anything else good.

This morning I worked on my lab report, but I think I can’t do the last part of it because she didn’t have us collect group data for the second part of the lab.  I still do have to write a paragraph about genetic drift vs. natural selection.  That’s fine.

All right.

I think today will be about getting and making food.  My housemates are going out for family things later, so I think now is the time to go get food, and then I can make it when they’re gone.

I keep thinking I’d like to be social and do things with actual people today, but then I remember it’s Easter, and like 95% of my friends around here are pretty Christian, or at least their families are, and I am alone.

…I could stop by my parents’ house to grab some chocolate-covered strawberries.  My dad makes amazing ones every Easter (sometimes with some prompting).

I hit up the good thrift shops on Friday.

The zoo will probably be crowded.

I mean, I’ll take Peri to the park this morning.  Maybe I’ll take him somewhere else this afternoon.  I don’t know.

I’m kind of thinking of going to the Asian grocery store, though I can’t think of anything I really need.  Tofu, I guess?  I could make that.